An Italian village that defeated Corona offers its homes for sale in 1 Euro


Pensacola, fl

The village of “Cinqua Frondi”, in the province of Calabria, Italy, offers an attractive offer to attract residents to make up for the human shortage in it by offering homes for sale for one Euro.

According to the British newspaper “The Independent”, the village describes itself as “free of Corona virus”, as no cases were recorded during the outbreak in Italy, and it is located in a region that has witnessed a low rate of infection.

The village is counting on this reputation in addition to the distinguished price of houses to attract new residents to it, as it is like many other cities and villages working to increase its diminishing population after the migration of many of its youth to cities in search of work.

The village’s mayor, Michael Konya, says that he gave Cody the name of the process of selling houses at a cheap price, which is “the beauty process.” Their owners migrate from the village for decades.

The British newspaper pointed out that those who want to buy homes will have to pay between 10,000 euros to 20,000 euros to renew it, in addition to an annual insurance fee of 250 euros until the completion of the renovation work, and pointed out that buyers will be subject to a fine of 20,000 euros if they do not finish the renovations within three Years.

The houses themselves are located in the abandoned old part of the village, and are approximately 40-50 square meters in size and some have small balconies.

“It is true that housing in this area is precarious and precarious, but our village lies between two warm seas, a pure river and the seashore is only 15 minutes away by car,” the village mayor said.


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