A Chinese man is hospitalized with a cleaver stuck to his head


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A Chinese man was taken to a hospital in Hubei Province after a cleaver penetrated his head during violent conflict.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” quoted images that were circulated widely on social media, showing the unknown patient covered in blood while the steel blade was deeply stuck in his skull.

The man is recovering gradually in Shongyang People’s Hospital in Xianning City, central China’s Hubei Province, after undergoing surgery to remove the cleaver. And Chinese media reported that the police were investigating the accident.

The hospital said that the patient was attacked after entering into a fight with someone, confirming that the man’s condition is now stable after the operation.

This comes a week after another Chinese man miraculously survived, after accidentally striking himself with an arrow that was fired from a crossbow that he owned in his home as the young man was taken to hospital, where he underwent an hour-long operation to remove the arrow.


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