Biden: The army will intervene if Trump loses the election and refuses to leave the White House


Pensacola, fl

US Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said he was concerned that President Donald Trump will try to steal the November elections, but he is confident that Army soldiers will accompany Trump from the White House if he loses and does not acknowledge the outcome.

Biden said in the daily show, “The comedy. This is my biggest concern. This president will try to steal the elections.”

Biden did not specify the manner in which he believed Trump’s Republican might turn to election fraud. But the former vice president cited opposition Trump to vote by mail and said that Democrats will have lawyers voting sites are present throughout the country to monitor any attempts by the Republicans to manipulate the vote.

Trump has repeatedly attacked mailing, declaring without evidence that the expected increase in mailing will lead to widespread fraud in the November 3 election.

Biden said recent comments by former senior military officials who have criticized Trump’s response to nationwide protests over police brutality have made him confident that the US military will intervene if Trump refuses to accept the election results.

Biden said, “I am absolutely convinced that they Sastahbonh from the White House quickly and decisively.

Biden has previously expressed concern that Trump will try to rig the elections. But his speech has escalated recently as most national polls show that the former vice president is ahead of the president, while Trump has stepped up his criticism of the postal vote.

Trump’s re-election campaign has yet to respond to a request for comment. Trump and his Republican allies say voting by mail is vulnerable to fraud and will give preference to Democrats, although many independent studies have found little evidence of such a claim.


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