A Belgian man walks 1,500 km while working from home due to isolation


Pensacola, fl

Despite working from home for the entire period of isolation imposed in Belgium by the Corona virus, Yves Anol was able to walk about 1,500 kilometers through his daily use of a sports treadmill installed under his desk.

I have calculated that since the dismissal because of Covid-19, I have actually walked 27,000 steps a day for three months,” said Anul, 48, an IT team coach who lives in Ghent.

Anul said that he walks about 2.3 kilometers per hour for eight hours during his work on all days of the week, and sometimes he increases the speed in the evening to read a book, recording more than 20 kilometers and about twice the distance covered on a difficult day.

“I read that sitting is the new smoking habit and we humans are not created to sit all the time,” he said, while walking on a sports treadmill and working on computers spread across his desktop.

So when I start doing this, I feel more slender and easier to focus,” he added


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