Protesters topple Christopher Columbus statue and drown him in a lake



A group of demonstrators in Richmond, Virginia, to topple the statue of prominent Spanish explorer Christopher Columbus.

Activists and US news sites posted footage showing a group of people dropping the statue in the Byrd Park and setting it alight, say that it is thrown into a lake.

This came against the backdrop of continuing demonstrations across the United States to protest against racism and violence by the police, against the background of the death of a young skinned young man George Floyd at the hands of a policeman during his arrest in Minneapolis in late April.

Several countries have recently witnessed incidents within the framework of a campaign directed against statues of figures and symbols that have a relationship with practicing racism and facilitating slavery.

This campaign was launched in the British city of Bristol, where demonstrators smashed a statue of a slave trader Edward Coulston, a slave trader in the seventeenth century, to extend later to Belgium, where the statue of the former king Leopold II known for colonizing the Congo and the exploitation of its people was smeared, in addition to similar incidents in Sweden.

A court in Richmond last Monday issued a court order preventing state authorities from demolishing the statue of General Robert Lee, commander of the Confederate Forces during the Civil War in the United States.


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