Cross Fit chief resigns over Twitter comment about Floyd



Greg Glassman, founder and CEO of CrossFit, a fitness consultancy, resigned from his post after his comic comment on Twitter about George Floyd sparked outrage.

“I resigned from the position of CEO of CrossFit Inc. and decided to retire. On Saturday it caused conflict and controversy among CrossFit and inadvertently abused many of its members. Since I founded CrossFit 20 years ago,” said a statement posted on the company’s official website yesterday. “It has become the world’s largest gymnasium network. I cannot allow this to hamper my work, the work of headquarters and subsidiary institutions.”

Earlier, Glassman wrote in his tweet, which caused the uproar: “It’s FLOYD-19.” In response to a tweet that racism has become a problem of general social health care.

According to “Bloomberg”, the US company “Reebok” previously stated that it intends to end its cooperation with “Crossfit”, in light of the recent events.


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