The early closure in the United States would have saved 36,000 lives


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A study estimated that the number of deaths due to the Coronavirus would be about 36,000 less if the United States imposed the closure a week before the date in which it began, in March

Columbia University research also estimated that about 83% of deaths would have been avoided if measures had been taken two weeks ago and indicated that the number of deaths would have been 54,000 fewer, if cities had started closing their doors on March 1

 President Trump called the report a political assassination

The study, which has yet to be reviewed by specialists, covers data as of May 3, as there were just over 65,300 deaths related to corona virus in the United States.

According to Johns Hopkins University data, there are now more than 93,400 deaths from corona virus.

The results of the study indicate that the more stringent measures imposed at a faster time, can have a significant impact.

“The results confirm the importance of early intervention and a fierce response in controlling” the virus, the report said.

Trump urged citizens to limit travel on March 16, five days after the World Health Organization announced that the Corona virus outbreak was a global pandemic.

Then the states unilaterally closed the procedures at various times, with California and New York closed on March 19 and 22, respectively, while Georgia became one of the last states to implement such measures on April 3.

Critics say the defective and delayed Trump administration implementation means that states had limited information about the extent of the disease in February and early March, and the president also downplayed the risks during that period.

In response to a question about studying before a visit to Michigan, Trump said, “It was very fast, it was earlier than anyone thought.”

Although the president claimed that the study was a political attack on him, the results also raise questions about the timing of other politicians enforcing stay orders at home.

New York was the epicenter of the disease in the United States, and it witnessed more than 28,000 deaths and 360,000 cases of “Covid 19”. Although New York City schools were closed on March 15, it was another week before entering into a comprehensive closure.

In response to a question about the new research, Governor Andrew Como admitted that if this country had known more and earlier, we could have saved more lives


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