Pope Francis donates one million euros to counter the effects of Corona


Pensacola, fl

Pope Francis gave one million euros ($ 1. 1 million) to a new charitable fund aimed at helping those who were in severe distress in Rome because of the economic crisis of the Corona virus.

The Archdiocese of Rome said in a statement that the financial fund, called “Jesus Divine Worker”, would be managed by the Romanian branch of the Catholic charity Caritas, according to German news agency DPA.

Besides being the leader of 1.3 billion Catholics in the world, the Pope also holds the position of Bishop of Rome, and he has made a donation in this capacity.

In a letter to Cardinal Angelo de Donates, who runs the diocese of Rome on his behalf, Pope Francis said that the money should help the needy to return to self-reliance.

Pope Francis had mentioned, earlier, that the new Corona virus crisis must “motivate us to take care of vulnerable groups and the homeless, and our planet with serious disease.” “In 2020, silence prevailed for weeks in our streets,” the Vatican added, referring to the closures that have caused life to stop all over the world due to the outbreak. He continued: «Sudden and disturbing silence; But silence gave us the opportunity to hear the call of the weak and the displaced, and our severely sick planet. ” Pope Francis went on: «We must learn to participate in order to rise together, without leaving anyone behind.

The epidemic reminded us of how we are all in the same boat.

Pope Francis concluded his message To preserve our common homeland and make it more and more appropriate to the original will of the Lord behind the creation of the universe, we must commit ourselves to ensuring international cooperation, global solidarity, and local commitment, without leaving anyone.


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