Charged with assaulting a New York police officer pushed a protester and put her on the ground


Pensacola, fl

The Brooklyn Prosecutor’s Office said that the authorities had charged a criminal officer with the New York City Police Department of Washington with having forcefully pushed a protester until she fell to the ground during a protest against police brutality.

Brooklyn prosecutor Eric Gonzales said that the charges against the 28-year-old Vincent Dandria included the misdemeanor of assault, causing harm and threat, as well as harassment.

The arrest of this officer may be the first incident of its kind in New York City during two weeks of protests that erupted after the murder of George Floyd the defenseless black man while he was being held in Minneapolis city police custody. His death sparked anti-racist protests around the world.

The officer’s charge is related to a incident that occurred during a protest in downtown Brooklyn on May 29, four days after Floyd was killed, and the mobile phone video shows the officer pushing with demonstrating force, dropping it violently on the ground, calling it an insulting name.


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