Representatives unveil a comprehensive bill to combat racism and violence by the US police


Pensacola, fl

The Democrats, led by a group of black representatives, revealed comprehensive legislation aimed at combating violence and racial injustice committed by the police, two weeks after the death of George Floyd after he was arrested by Minneapolis city police, which led to widespread protests.

The 134-page bill will take major steps that include allowing victims of police misconduct to prosecute them for compensation, prohibiting the detainee being tied with pressure on his neck, requiring law enforcement personnel to use cameras that fix their clothes, and restrictions on the use of lethal force, and facilitating independent investigations With police stations whose members commit patterns of misconduct.

“For a job whose owner has the power to kill, it has to be a job that requires highly trained and accountable individuals from the people,” Karen Pace, leader of the Congress of African-American Representatives in Congress, told a news conference.

The bill does not call for a reduction or cancellation of funding for police stations, which is increasingly demanded by some protesters and activists, but MPs have called for adjusting funding priorities.

We have confused securing communities with appointing more police to roam the streets … while the correct way is actually the way to reach successful safe societies, ”said Senator Kamala Harris, who is believed to be contesting the November 3 presidential election as vice president with Joe Biden. Is the investment in those societies?

Democrats hope to present the bill to the House of Representatives before the end of June. But it remains unclear how far he will be accepted into the Republican-dominated Senate.

Floyd’s death in Minneapolis after a policeman perched his knee on his neck for nearly nine minutes on May 25, the latest in a series of deaths of African-American men and women by police in the United States and sparked anger on the country’s streets and new calls for reform.


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