Egypt announces the success of treatment of coronary patients with recurrent plasma


Pensacola, fl

The Egyptian Minister of Health and Population announced the success of the experiment of injecting people with coronavirus with plasma recoverers from the virus to treat critical cases.

She explained that this experiment was carried out within the framework of Egypt’s efforts to find treatment lines and find treatment for patients infected with the virus.

She indicated, according to what was published on the Presidency of the Council of Ministers page, that a plasma injection trial for some people with coronavirus infection was applied in critical cases in hospitals of the Ministry of Health and Population.

As the experiment showed promising initial results through a good recovery rate for patients and reducing patients’ need for ventilators, with increased rates of recovery and hospital discharge.

She appealed to the Minister of Health and Population recovering from the Corona virus, 14 days after their recovery, to go to the nearest blood transfusion center affiliated to the National Blood Transfusion Services at the Ministry of Health and Population, where work has been activated in 5 blood transfusion centers nationwide, to withdraw the plasma of the recovered.


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