The anatomy reveals that George Floyd is infected with Corona virus


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Anatomy of George Floyd’s corpse, whose death after being arrested by the US city of Minneapolis police denounced a global racial bias among the country’s law enforcement agencies, showed that he was infected with Corona virus but the infection was not recorded as a contributing factor to his death According to Reuters news agency.

The official cause of death, which is reported in a 20-page report published by the Hunibin County Coroner’s Office, was a heart and lung pause while police were shackling Floyd during his arrest on May 25.

And the pathologist considered that the method of his death was a murder. Four policemen were dismissed for their work because of their role in the incident, which a passer-by recorded on his mobile phone, they were being held on criminal charges and one of them was charged with murder.

The video showed a policeman pressing his knee for about nine minutes on the neck of Floyd, 46, lying on the floor, gasping for breath, groaning, saying please, I can’t breathe. Floyd’s death was announced in hospital shortly thereafter.

The autopsy report stated that Floyd’s death was caused by a heart attack. He also pointed to the complications arising from his subordination by law enforcement and neck pressure

The report also included several additional factors as important conditions that contributed to his death, including heart fatigue, high blood pressure and poisoning from the use of fentanyl, a strong opioid drug, in addition to the recent use of methamphetamine stimulant.

The report also indicated that the result of a nasal swab examination conducted by Floyd after his death to detect the Corona virus was positive, and that a test also showed his infection with the virus on April 3, about eight weeks before his death.


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