Trump threatens to send the army to end the protest


Pensacola, fl

US President Donald Trump has threatened to send the military to end escalating protests in the United States in response to the killing of a black man while in police detention.

He said that if cities and states fail to control the demonstrations and protect the population, he will send the army “to solve the problem quickly and escalate the protests against the killing of George Floyd.

Dozens of people were injured because the authorities used tear gas and force to disperse the demonstrations that swept 75 cities, and four police officers were shot during a demonstration in St. Louis, Missouri.

The president made a brief speech from the White House and could hear voices coming from a nearby demonstration that was being violently dispersed.

He said all Americans rose up against the brutal killing of George Floyd and they were right but added that the memory of George Floyd should not be “quenched by angry crowds.

He described the scenes of theft and violence in the capital on Sunday as a great shame and then pledged to support the city’s defense force.

He added thousands of thousands of heavily armed soldiers, soldiers, and law enforcement officers to stop riots, theft, vandalism, assaults and brutal destruction of property.

He called on cities and states to deploy the National Guard, the army’s reserve force that can be called in to intervene in local emergencies in sufficient numbers to take over the streets and 16,000 soldiers have been deployed so far.

Trump said that if a city or state refuses to take the necessary measures then I will send the United States Army and it will quickly solve the problem for them


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