The New York Metropolitan Opera will remain closed until December 31


Pensacola, fl

The New York Metropolitan Opera said that it will not raise the curtain until New Year’s Eve, as it announced the reduction of its art season due to the Corona virus epidemic.

“It is not possible to simply combine social separation with opera,” Peter Gilb, the director-general of the opera, said in a video message.

The 2020-2021 season was scheduled to start at the 3,800-person opera house, located at the Lincoln Center in New York City in September. The opera website said four new artworks were postponed.

The Metropolitan House was one of the largest opera houses in the world and one of the cultural institutions that announced the extension of the closing period due to an epidemic that particularly affected theater performances. The opera is best known for its amazing performances of works such as the opera Carmen by Georges Beziers and the bohemian opera by Geocomo Puccini. The house gave leave to members of the orchestra and choir and theater workers.

Broadway theaters extended their closure from mid-March to at least September 6, and two major theater performances in London last week were postponed to 2021.

“We will not be able to bid here as long as there is a need for social distancing,” Gelb said.

He hoped that a medical solution to the Corona crisis would be available by December, allowing the Metropolitan Opera to resume its performances on December 31.

The Royal Opera House in London and the La Scala Opera in Milan have not announced their plans for the 2020-2021 season yet, after they suspended their shows several months ago.


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