Beauty salons and gyms in America disclaim responsibility for infecting clients


Pensacola, fl

With various companies and businesses resuming opening their doors in the United States after the weeks-long public isolation to combat the Corona Virus pandemic, many resort to publishing a disclaimer of the infection of their clients with the virus or requiring its employees and clients to sign a form exempt from liability before entry.

These notifications have spread from hairdressing salons and various entertainment centers to exchanges and wedding photographers to ask clients and visitors to acknowledge that they may have the disease that has killed more than 100,000 Americans so far.

Experts said that companies use banners, forms and leaflets on their websites to protect themselves from lawsuits, but these measures do not prevent people from seeking compensation for damages resulting from negligence such as slipping on a wet floor or contracting a disease due to the walls covered with paint.

Lawyers said that proving that a company had caused a customer’s disease might be difficult, but concerns were so great that a disclaimer could soon become a normal thing.

Big Mary Griffiths, a lawyer in Missoula, Montana, developed a model of corporate liability from exposing customers to the virus-associated Covid-19 disease available for sale online or to prepare it on demand for company owners. She said party workers and event organizers, including beauty experts and wedding photographers, use it.

And hairdressing salons require their customers since the resumption of the activity to sign a form stating that they do not have any symptoms of the disease and did not visit a hot spot that has witnessed high rates of transmission since 30 days.

These forms exempt hairdressing salons from the responsibility of “unintended exposure to the virus.

Ryan Raifer did not mind signing the disclaimer form recently at the gym he goes to for martial arts training near San Antonio, Texas.

Raiffert suffered symptoms of the disease in March and later learned from an antibody test that he had the virus. Even if I didn’t get the virus, I would gladly sign the disclaimer, he said.


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