A prominent Italian doctor: the new Corona virus is losing its strength


Pensacola, fl

The prominent Italian doctor Alberto Zangrelo said that the new Corona virus is starting to lose strength and has become less lethal.

“In fact, the virus is no longer clinically present in Italy,” said Zangrelo, who heads the San Rafael Hospital in Milan, in the Lombardy region in the north of the country, which bears the brunt of Corona virus infection in Italy.

The smears taken over the past ten days showed a very small viral load in terms of quantity compared to smears taken a month or two ago,” he added to the Italian RAI television station.

Italy has recorded the third highest death toll in Covid-19 in the world, amounting to 33,415 people since the outbreak appeared on February 21.

. It is ranked sixth in the world in terms of injuries, amounting to 233019.

But injuries and deaths fell continuously in May, and the country is easing some of the most stringent isolation restrictions around the world.

Zangrelo said that some experts exaggerate the possibility of a second wave of infection, so politicians must take into account the new reality.

“We have to go back as a normal country,” he said. Someone has to take responsibility for intimidating the country.

She called on the government to be careful, saying that the declaration of victory was still far away.

“While we wait for the scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis of the virus’s disappearance … I invite those who claim to confirm this to not confuse the Italians,” Sandra Zampa, assistant health minister, said in a statement while we wait for scientific evidence supporting the hypothesis of the virus’s disappearance.

Instead, she added, we should call on the Italians to maintain the utmost caution, maintain the spacing between people, avoid large gatherings and continue to wash hands and use gags.


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