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ECSO is investigating two Pensacola shootings

Pensacola, fl

The Escambia County Sheriff’s Office is investigating two shootings that occurred within hours of each other in Pensacola.

Shooting occurred at approximately 1:15 am at the 6200 complex of Truman Avenue in Pensacola, according to ECSO.

A man was shot while walking and was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

There was a report of shots fired near Crystal Lake Apartments on Highway 98 in Pensacola.

When the deputies arrived at the scene, several people were arrested. Multiple shell casings were found in the area.

No one was injured or arrested.

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Corona virus stimulates infected cells to release “evil” claws to spread rapidly throughout the body

Pensacola, fl

A recent study has found that the Corona virus transforms infected cells in a highly unusual way, forcing them to grow long, prominent branches that penetrate multiple healthy cells simultaneously.

Scientists took a closer look at the effects of SARS-CoV-2 – the Corona virus that causes “Covid-19” – through a powerful microscope at the National Institutes of Health in the United States and the University of Freiburg, Germany.

They revealed that the virus makes the infected cells grow pasta-like “claws”, to reach several cells that are still in good health nearby. The virus appears to be using these branching structures, called filopodia, as syringes to stimulate other cells and inject them with a viral load, according to a study published in the journal Cell.

“There are long chains that make holes in other cells and the virus passes through the tube from one cell to another,” said Nivan Krogan, director of the Institute for Quantitative Biological Sciences at the University of California, San Francisco, and leader of an international group of scientists.

“Our hypothesis is that this process speeds up infection,” Krojan said.

Scientists have revealed that the method of infection via filopodia is largely unusual, because not many viruses do this. Those that do, like smallpox, do not cause cells to germinate many branches, and their structure differs from that of the new corona virus. Usually, small viral molecules simply “dock” onto larger cells, and “hijack” their functions.

More than 9.8 million people were infected with “Covid-19” worldwide, and about 495,000 people had died, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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3 children were shot dead in Chicago

Pensacola, fl

Activists and local leaders called for more state and federal support , as weekend shootings in Chicago killed three children, including a ten-year-old boy who was hit by a stray bullet that came from an apartment window.

Saturday night’s deaths were among at least 10 dead since Friday evening, which followed a fatal weekend for Father’s Day and fresh concerns about a violent summer ahead. A one-year and 17-year-old was also killed.

“He’s out of control as even innocent children lose their lives,” said neighborhood activist Raul Montes Jr., who planned a protest on Sunday evening on the southwest side of the city.

He called for federal intervention while the state legislator announced a new task force to address key issues.

“Violence is a consequence of poverty and must be addressed with services and human support,” said La Sean Ford, a Chicago Democrat, in a statement. The group called on federal leaders, leaders and cities for support.

A wave of recent shootings in Chicago and other cities has had authorities on the brink. Experts say deaths from non-suicide weapons are on the right track last year. The news comes at a time when the American public deals with the pressure of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic implications, and increased awareness of racial injustice and the police, and deep political divisions in the presidential election year.

“The pain of losing a child never goes away,” Lori Mayor Lightfoot said on Twitter .

As a mother, I am fed up with funerals. I am tired of burying our children.

Her office said that the multifaceted approach to reducing violence in the coming months would include a street awareness program worth $ 7.5 million as the police partnered with organizations and the operations center last month. Staff from the park area, schools, and the transportation agency will work to “extend the city’s footprint in places where recent shootings and killings have occurred.”

The 10-year-old girl died in a hospital after the shooting in Logan Square, northwest of downtown, around 9:40 p.m., police spokesman Roberto Gardono said.

He said that preliminary information showed that the shooting came from a group of men who were shooting at each other in the block. No one was in custody .

In the Englewood neighborhood on the south side of the city, a one-year-old boy riding in the back of a car driven by his mother was injured when someone shot from another car. The mother suffered a head wound. The boy was identified as Sincere A. Gaston.

The police said the motive behind the shooting was unclear.

Supervisor David Brown appealed to the public for someone to come up with details.

We all need anger at the violence we are seeing in our city, “he said in a statement.” This child and all of our residents deserve the best.

This is not just a problem that Englewood needs to solve. This is not just a problem on the southern or western side. We cannot divide the violence that is tearing families and societies apart.

His office was not immediately suspended.

The 17-year-old, known as Antiwon Douglas, was killed around 11:30 am Saturday. Police said he got into a fight and a person from a large crowd gathered in the Humboldt Garden neighborhood on the western side of the city fired shots.

During Father’s Day weekend, 14 people were killed, including five children, and more than 100 were injured, making up the largest number of city shooting victims in one weekend this year.

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Another killed in another shooting in the Seattle protest area

Pensacola, fl

One man was killed and another wounded in the “occupied” protest area in Seattle – the second deadly shooting in the area.

Police said the shooting took place before dawn in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, near the city center.

The Seattle Times reported that the Harborview Medical Center said that one of the wounded was hospitalized in a private car, and the second was brought by the Seattle Fire Department doctors after about 15 minutes.

The hospital said one man died and the other was in a critical condition, and the Seattle Police did not immediately reveal more information about the shooting.

The demonstrators occupied several buildings around the Seattle Police East area and a park for nearly two weeks after the police abandoned the area after confrontations and clashes with protesters demanding ethnic justice and an end to police brutality.

In a previous fatal shooting in the area, a 19-year-old man was killed on June 20 and a 33-year-old man was injured.

City Mayor Jenny Dorkan said last week that the city would end the organized protest zone on Capitol Hill.

Transport crews attempted to remove temporary barriers but stopped after protesters intercepted.

Neighboring companies and real estate owners filed a federal lawsuit against the city on Wednesday for its tolerance of the region, saying that officials were complicit in denying them their rights to their property.

The companies have said they do not intend to undermine protest messages against the police or brutality.

But they said that their access to their work was limited, and at times they were threatened with photographing protesters in public places or for cleaning up graffiti from their storefronts.

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Gilead is priced remedifier for Covid-19 patient

Pensacola, fl

Gilead Sciences said that the price of the anti-viral drug Remedisfer it produces and decides to use as a treatment for Covid-19 will be $ 2,340 per patient in wealthier countries.

Gilead Sciences agreed to send nearly all of its supplies to the United States within the next three months.

This price is slightly lower than the range between $ 2520 and $ 2,800 proposed last week by the Clinical and Economic Review Institute, a US body that looks at drug prices, after British researchers said they found dexamethasone, a family of steroids, cheap and available at A wide range has significantly reduced mortality among critical cases with Covid-19 disease.

One of the treatments that have been shown to alter the course of Covid-19 is expected to increase demand for “remediesiver”, and after intravenous administration of the drug has shortened hospital recovery times in clinical trials.

It is noteworthy that “Remdisever” obtained approval for use in severe cases in the United States and obtained full approval in Japan.

As for American patients with commercial insurance, Gilead said that a five-day course would cost $ 3,120, or $ 520 per vial.

That is 33 percent higher than the $ 390 per bottle that Gilead said it would charge to developed country governments and US patients in government health care programs.

In an open letter, Daniel Oday, CEO of Gilead, stated that the price is far below the value it provides, given that hospitalization early can provide about $ 12,000 to the patient in the United States.

Patient advocacy bodies, such as Public Citizen, argue that the cost should be lower because Remediesever was developed with financial support from the United States government.

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A man and woman direct a firearm to protesters in St. Louis

Pensacola, fl

Agene France-Press has released a video of activists showing an armed man and woman facing protesters outside their home in St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

In the video, it appears that the woman directs a pistol to the people or the man to carry a gun.

The report said that the video was filmed during demonstrations calling for the resignation of Saint Louis mayor Lida Croison.

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A man in his forties hit a bullet in Kansas City, Kansas

Pensacola, fl

The authorities said that a man was shot dead in Kansas City, Kansas.

Police spokesman Dustin Derenfeldt said in an email that the officers had responded to the scene, Kansas City Star reported.

The death of a man in his 40s was announced at the scene.

No suspect has been identified publicly.

The investigation is continuing.

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Corona virus deaths in the United States exceed 128000 cases

Pensacola, fl

The death toll from the emerging coronavirus in the United States has exceeded 128,000, amid a rapid spread of the disease in the country.

To date, according to the data of the Worldometers Statistics website, 2589173 confirmed cases of the new Corona virus have been recorded, including 1,28989 deaths, equivalent to 4.95% of the total number of cases, and 1077777 cures, or 41.62%.

In the recent weeks, the United States has witnessed unprecedented increases in daily infection with the Corona virus, due to the rapid spread of outbreaks in a number of states, including Florida, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Mississippi.

According to its own statistics, Reuters reported yesterday, Friday, that 40,870 new HIV infections were reported in the United States, in the largest daily increase of this indicator in the country.

Despite these developments, US President Donald Trump said that, in front of his administration, little work remained to combat the Corona virus, expressing his conviction that it would be done.

The United States is the first country in the world in terms of the death toll and infections of the emerging coronavirus.

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A person was shot and killed in Louisville

Pensacola, fl

One person was shot and killed in Louisville, USA.

City police said they had received a report of gunfire in the park in Jefferson Square, and upon arrival they found a man with a gunshot wound to have died on the spot.

The police added that they received other information after some time, about the injury of another person with a firearm and he was taken to the university hospital, indicating that his injury was not serious.

Police cleared the park where the shooting took place and collected evidence in an attempt to identify those involved in the accident. It is worth noting that about 3 months ago Bruna Taylor, a black-skinned woman, was shot dead when anti-drug agents stormed her home in Louisville.

The killing of Taylor, 26, when she was asleep when the police entered her apartment in Louisville on March 13th, sparked outrage and protests in the area as protesting residents gathered in the same spot that witnessed yesterday’s shooting.

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The state of Mississippi is moving to adjust its flag following the Floyd incident

Pensacola, fl

The House of Representatives in the US state of Mississippi voted to approve a process that might result in the removal of the emblem of the Confederation from the state flag, and its governor pledged to pass the bill.

Tate Reeves, the Republican governor of Mississippi and affiliated with the Republican Party, said in a tweet on his Twitter account that the time has come to end the dispute, after lawmakers reached a dead end several days ago when discussing the state’s new flag issue, stressing that he would sign the bill if it was sent to him.

Reports added that the House voted in favor of the measure with the approval of 85 members and 4 objections, indicating that it would need Senate approval before submitting it to the state governor.

Protests across the United States of America against racial discrimination and police brutality after the death of black American George Floyd during his detention have prompted calls for the removal of the Confederate Monument and other symbols associated with slavery in the United States.