Legend LeBron James comments on the killing of an African American by the police


Pensacola, fl

American Los Angeles Lakers basketball legend LeBron James interacted with the killing of George Floyd, recalling the “fact” of soccer player Colin Cabernick’s refusal to stand while the American anthem was playing.

LeBron James posted a poster on his page via the “Instagram” application, in which he compared George Floyd’s detention to the famous “incident” of Colin Cabernick, who perched on his knee, refusing to stand while the American anthem was playing, because of the humiliation of black people.

James commented on the poster, saying: “Do you understand now? Or not for the end yet?

George Floyd was arrested on suspicion of using a counterfeit $ 20 check, and after the arrest, an officer pressed his knee on Floyd’s neck for about six minutes, until he lost consciousness and died in hospital.


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