Plans to reopen Walt Disney World parks


Pensacola, fl

 Florida state officials approved plans to reopen the Walt Disney World park in Orlando, starting in July 11.

The success of the reopening of (Walt Disney World) is a landmark event for Disney and the rest of the world at a time when governments and companies are working out a strategy for how to lift restrictions on public isolation measures while the emerging Corona virus remains a threat.

In a memo sent to officials in Orange County, Florida, Halsley Peechers, state secretary for business and professional organization, said that he would also allow the reopening of SeaWorld Entertainment on June 10.

With the Disney parks reopened, visitors and employees will be required to wear face masks and undergo temperature measurement, and the park will also hang on parade parades, fireworks shows and other activities leading to crowd gathering.

The park administration said it would encourage the use of payment systems without contact and would expand the existing park systems for ordering by phone from restaurants and is also planning to restrict the number of guests, who will be required to book their parking permits early


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