A Minneapolis police officer is charged with murdering a black man while in detention after protests


Pensacola, fl

A representative of the Minnesota State Attorney General said that a white police officer who was seen pressuring his knee on the neck of a defenseless black man before he breathed in Minneapolis was arrested and charged with murder, after three nights of violent protests against the incident that rocked the city. In the midwest.

Henrik County Prosecutor Mike Freeman said in a press statement that Derek Chauven, the officer who was seen in a video clip of a passer-by on his mobile phone, crouching with his knee on the neck of George Floyd before the death of Floyd, 46, was charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

Freeman added that he is detained and charged with murder. We have evidence. We have the video clip that the citizen filmed, that horrific and terrible clip that we all watched over and over again. We have the officer’s camera that was attached to his jacket, and we have testimonies from some witnesses

The governor of Minnesota summoned the National Guard on Thursday to help restore security after the unrest widened for the third consecutive night in Minneapolis due to Floyd’s death.

Governor Tim Walls ordered the National Guard to assist the police in tackling the looting, vandalism, and arson of the city, as local and federal officials sought to ease the racist tensions raised by the accident.

The protesters gathered outside a city police station and then retreated under a hail of tear gas and rubber bullets fired by the police from the roof of the building.

But the protesters returned and gathered again, attacking the building and setting fire to it, as police officers appeared to withdraw. Later, protesters were seen eroding the roof of the building and firefighters said the protesters had set 16 buildings on fire.

President Donald Trump said on Twitter that he would send the National Guard to properly carry out the mission “if Mayor Jacob Fry fails to take over the city.

He wrote in a tweet after midnight, we will control the situation, whatever the difficulty, and when looting begins, shooting will begin, a tweet that Twitter has had to withhold behind a warning message accusing the president of glorifying violence

The National Guard of Minnesota said that it paid more than 500 soldiers to help local authorities, especially fire departments, in the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul and their surrounding areas. The four policemen, who participated in the incident, including Chauvin, were dismissed.


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