Trump signs an executive order on social media


Pensacola, fl

The White House said that US President Donald Trump signed an executive order targeting social media companies.

This decision comes after his threat to close social networking sites accused of suppressing conservative voices.

The latest row arose after Twitter added a warning fact-checking link to some of Trump’s tweets for the first time.

Details of the executive order are yet to be known, and the organizational steps the president can take without passing a law in Congress are unknown.

White House officials have not provided any additional information about what the Executive Order is expected to contain,

Trump accused Twitter and other social media again, before heading from Washington to Florida to watch a missile launch into space that was delayed due to weather conditions, with bias, without providing evidence.

Trump continued his criticism of social media platforms on Twitter, ending his tweet by saying: “He will go mad right now.

The long-running dispute between Trump and social media companies has intensified and clouded again Tuesday when Twitter added to one of his tweets for the first time a warning that the facts should be reviewed.

The president had written that, without a polling guide by mail, there is absolutely no way to consider it anything but fraud

Twitter added a warning sign to the tweet, linking it to a page describing the claim as “baseless.

Trump has threatened to “tighten the rules” for social media, or even “shut them down.

He wrote, tweeting to his followers, who number more than 80 million people, that the Republicans felt that these sites “completely silenced the voices of the conservatives” and that he would not allow this to happen. And he had said in a previous tweet that Twitter “completely suppressed freedom of expression

Twitter CEO Jacques Dorsey responded to criticism of the website’s policies on reviewing the facts, saying: “We will continue to alert us to misinformation, or controversial information about the elections.

Trump wrote a similar comment on Facebook related to the poll by mail on Tuesday, without the site interfering with any warning.

The website’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, said in an interview on Fox News Wednesday that censoring social media is not a “correct response” by a government concerned with censorship. Fox News said it will broadcast a full Zuckerberg interview.

Twitter has tightened its policies in recent years after facing criticism for its non-interference method, which, according to the criticism, has helped to increase false news and misinformation.

It also accused some of the major technology companies in the United States of adopting anti-competitive practices and violating the privacy of users. Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon are facing investigations by federal, state, and congressional trusts about them.


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