Trump comments on Corona deaths in the United States exceeding 100,000 cases


Pensacola, fl

The US President, Donald Trump considered that his country reached a very sad turn with the death toll of Corona virus in his country exceeding 100,000 cases.

Trump said, in a tweet posted on his Twitter account, we have just reached a very sad turn, with the death toll from the pandemic exceeding 100,000 cases. I would like to express to all families and friends of the deceased my sincere sympathy and love for that entire he faced and represented by these great people, God is with you

The death toll from the emerging infection of the Coronavirus in the United States exceeded the 100,000 mark, but Trump was silent and refrained from commenting on reaching this threshold until he published his new tweet, which was brought to the attention of some media and critics of the US President.

The United States is the first country in the world in terms of the number of victims of the virus as well as in terms of the death toll, which has so far exceeded 1.7 million cases.


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