Cyprus entices tourists to bear the costs of their trips and the treatment of their families if they suffer from Covid 19


Pensacola, fl

Cyprus is charged with covering the cost of a journey of anyone who is infected with the emerging coronavirus while on vacation on its territory.

The government said in a letter published that it will pay the costs of accommodation, treatment and food for patients and their families, if their results are positive for the virus while they are on the island to spend tourist trips.

According to the statement, the tourists will only bear the cost of transporting them to the airport and the journey back to their country

This announcement comes as part of a set of measures aimed at attracting visitors to the island and reviving the tourism sector once again, especially as few cases have appeared.

According to US Johns Hopkins University data, Cyprus has confirmed 939 cases and 17 deaths from Covid 19.

Tourism accounted for about 15 percent of the country’s gross domestic product last year, so the government is striving to return travelers as soon as possible.


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