The smallest chef in the world


Pensacola, fl

Despite his young age, and not exceeding one and a half years, the baby “Kobe” has become a celebrity and star of the social media websites recently, to become the youngest chef in the world, and he follows through his personal account on “Instagram” more than a million followers, watching his “Kobe” page Eats’ to enjoy the educational lessons the child is directing to his followers.

The child himself is known on the social networking application “Instagram” as he loves “cooking, eating and exploring in the kitchen, and publishes many of his videos while preparing food, as it helps in preparing and preparing food, along with a little taste of the food being prepared.

 His mother, Ashley Wayne, tells CNN that the videos started as a way to share her son’s enthusiasm in the kitchen with friends and family, adding: Cooking is one of the many practical things Kobe does at home.

He is a character who loves the movement, so I decided to record clips Video to share originally with friends and family. “


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