Coved-19 Consultants to ensure the safety of Hollywood workers


Pensacola, fl

 Along with hairdressers, photographers and hundreds of others who make magic on television and cinema, Hollywood is counting on new support personnel to produce it in the future who are Covid Consultants-19.

The pandemic of the Corona virus has prompted producers, film studios and trade unions to seek expert advice on how to reopen film and television screenings that were closed around the world in mid-March.

Epidemiologists and other public health professionals are now required to provide detailed plans for dealing with large crowds operating in cramped spaces and cosmetic experts who work face-to-face with stars and actors embracing or fighting on the set.

The cutoff in production has incurred huge financial losses to the sector, as it has in cities like Los Angeles whose economy benefits from production. The return to business is important for companies including Netflix, Walt Disney, and others.

While filming locations are still empty in the United States, production is back in South Korea, Australia, Sweden and also New Zealand, where work on James Cameron’s “Avatar 2” movie will resume this week.

And workers in the sector expect that there will be fewer workers in the filming sites, conducting periodic checks for them, and setting antiseptics for hands everywhere, in addition to using computer-generated images of the crowds when resuming work.

Writer and director Tyler Perry will lead the return of the artwork, as he announced plans to start filming two TV series for PIT on July 8 at his studio complex in Atlanta.

In a written plan, Perry said that providing protection needed “a village of workers, doctors, epidemiologists, lawyers, union and gifted union representatives, their representatives, insurance company representatives, and many other great thinkers.

The unions representing the actors and workers in the filming sites have used experts from Harvard and California universities to help develop work guidance in the light of the spread of the Corona virus.


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