Britain will use Remdisifer to treat some cases of Covid-19


Pensacola, fl

The Ministry of Health said that Britain will use the anti-viral drug Remedisfer to treat some Covid-19 patients who are likely to benefit from it in cooperation with its manufacturer, Gilead Sciences.

The ministry said that preliminary data from clinical trials worldwide showed that the drug can reduce recovery time from Covid-19 by four days.

This may be the biggest step forward in treating the Coronavirus since the crisis began, Health Minister Matt Hancock told a government news conference.

These are very early steps, but we are determined to support science and support promising projects,” he added.

The government said that the distribution of the drug would be determined according to the greatest possible benefit from it, but it did not disclose the number of patients who will be treated with it.

The US National Institutes of Health said last week that its experimental data for this drug showed it to be more effective in treating Covid-19 conditions that need additional oxygen but do not need respirators.

The researchers also said that “due to the high incidence of death despite the treatment with Premdesif” it is likely that the drug is more effective in using it together with other drugs in the treatment of the disease caused by infection with the emerging coronavirus.

Gilead said it expects the results of its studies on Remdisfer to treat non-critical conditions from Covid-19 by the end of this month.


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