American plagiarized Hitler 10 years


Pensacola, fl

A ten-year-old American from Kentucky defrauded and defrauded others, deluding Adolf Hitler, and he managed to escape after World War II.

The Daily Beast said that in 1946 some American citizens received messages from Hitler, who called himself the “Fuehrer”, and during that instead of the German führer, he was using the English furrier.

Hitler claimed, along with his wife Eva, that he managed to escape, and settled in Kentucky, as he was preparing from there to seize power in the United States.

To do this, dozens of factories in Kentucky and Idaho were constructed and built to produce atomic bombs and invisible and noisy space ships.

He added that 36 thousand Germans are digging tunnels to Washington and indicated that there is a need for money, in order to continue to work according to the plan.

In exchange for donations, he promised donors high positions in the next new system.

The newspaper confirms that many believed this lie, and transferred large sums of money to him, and within 10 years he managed to obtain at least $ 11,000 (or about $ 140,000, if inflation is calculated.

The quorum was arrested in 1956, and it turned out to be an African coal miner, named William Henry Johnson, who was then 61 years old.

He was charged with fraud and fraud against him, and the court sentenced him to 3 years’ imprisonment


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