Americans to the beaches, with corona deaths exceeding 100,000 in the United States


Some Americans rested on the beaches to sunbathe and others used boats to fish while some practiced walking on the roads during the weekend holiday weekend, but seeing those who put gags from time to time continued to remind that the world was still fighting the HIV epidemic.

Usually, the memorial day holiday that marks the beginning of the summer in the United States is an occasion during which flags are raised and ceremonies are held in cemeteries to commemorate those killed in the American wars. And the occasion falls this year, with the number of deaths due to the Corona virus in the country expected to exceed one hundred thousand.

The New York Times published the names of a thousand of the victims of the virus and specific details about them on its front page to shed light on the victims of the disease.

The 50 states eased the restrictions of Corona to some extent. In some states, such as Illinois and New York, restaurants and hairdressing salons are still closed. But most stores opened their doors in many southern states, with restrictions on capacity.

Eleven states recorded a record number of new cases of Covid-19, including Alabama, Arkansas, and Minnesota. It was not clear if the increase in the number of infections was due to further examination or to a second wave of infection. Corona has more than 1.6 million infections in the United States, the highest number in the world.

Few people put up masks on Saturday while they were walking on a crowded road in Ocean City, Maryland. Seeing gags was also a rare event on other beaches, but most people committed themselves to diverging inside small groups and avoided playing on the beach.

“Personally, I am not sure I am concerned about this, but for those who worry … I suggest they stay at home,” said Bruce Clark in Daytona Beach, Florida. For me, I like to go out


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