Laurie Loughlin and her husband plead guilty to fraud


Pensacola, fl

American actress Laurie Loughlin and her husband pleaded guilty to participating in a US college admission fraud scheme to secure places for their daughters at the University of Southern California.

Luglin and her husband, fashion designer Mosimo Giannoli, appeared before a federal judge in Boston via the Zoom online application to file their petitions under agreements that included her two-month imprisonment and her husband’s five-month imprisonment.

They plead guilty to conspiracy to commit fraud using telecommunications technology and e-mail. But US District Judge Nathaniel Gorton has said he will delay a decision to accept or reject the guilty plea agreements, which limits his ability to impose various penalties.

Luglin (55 years old) and Giannoli (56 years old) also agreed to sentence them to financial fines of $ 150,000, $ 250,000 for her husband, 100 hours in community service for her, and 250 hours for her husband.


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