You Tube protects the health of its users with new features


Pensacola, fl

Some addicted to watching You Tube videos for long hours every day, and to protect them from over looking at the screens of electronic devices, the application got some new and practical features and among the most prominent features mentioned is a new feature to remind the user at bedtime, through which the application will show a notice to the user alerting him to the necessity Stop watching videos and going to sleep.

This feature can be set through the application’s Settings menu, where it will set the time that the notification will appear every day, and customize the notification so that it does not cause the video to stop while using the application.

The other important feature is Remind me to take a break and can be accessed from the application’s settings menu, and it will remind the user to take a break from watching videos every specific period of time determined by the user himself.

You Tube users can also rely on the Time watched list to see the times they spend watching videos daily on the application, and set the time at which they will receive notifications through the application, as well as the mechanism of showing videos on the application so that the user does not get distracted by watching them for a long time.


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