Classic American films in Japanese theaters with closures due to Corona


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The famous warriors in the movie (Bin Hour) produced in 1959, and the road paved with yellow stones in the fictional movie (The Wizard of Oz) “The Wizard of Oz” (1939 production), reappeared on the silver screen in Japan after the theaters began reopening their doors with a selection of films Classic Hollywood.

Other films currently being shown in Japan include (East of Eden) “East Aden” (1955) starring the late star James Dean and the crime movie (Bonnie and Clyde) “Bonnie and Clyde” (1969) and the movie (The Touring Inverno) “High Hell” (1974), after the Toho movie theater series reopened 10 out of 66 theaters in areas considered relatively safe from the Coronavirus.

Toho, which also runs a production studio, said it would reopen 23 other theaters on Friday in provinces where the government lifted the state of emergency.

Cinemas in Tokyo are still closed.

Toho showrooms implement safety measures that include leaving one seat blank between each seat and obliging employees and viewers to wear masks.


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