France reopens the beaches of the Riviera


Pensacola, fl

The French authorities opened the beaches of the Riviera for the first time since the general isolation measures to combat the Corona virus in mid-March, when vacationers managed to swim in the sea and many appeared wearing masks.

Residents in low-hit areas called green areas were able to visit the beach after the restrictions were eased.

Local authorities have reopened specific beaches in northern France and beaches bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

The authorities imposed accompanying measures to open the beaches, which included allowing individual activities such as swimming and fishing, provided that the individuals were spaced apart, but they prohibited sunbathing and sitting on the beaches for hours.

“I feel a bit uncomfortable,” said one of the local vacationers. We managed to swim this morning and enjoy the sea that we had not seen for about two months.

(However) We cannot, however, take a sunbath. We are almost free.

Virus is still present,” said Interior Minister Christophe Castania, who toured a beach in the northern region of Normadi in the country.We should learn to live with it. We are all responsible for fighting Covid-19 , referring to the disease caused by HIV infection.


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