Pensacola woman returns to her family


Pensacola, fl

A man who’s been pleading for help from the U.S. government to bring his pregnant wife home finally got to see her.

Jack Newton first spoke with News 5 in late March when his wife Alexandra was stuck in Venezuela after the South American country closed its borders to slow the spread of COVID-19.

Jack was at the airport with their son Noah ready to welcome Alexandra and it was a tearful reunion.

Alexandra left March 1 to be with her mother who had cancer and was dying. While there, Venezuela closed its borders so she couldn’t fly back home.

Congressman Matt Gaetz’ office has been working to bring her back to Northwest Florida.

I’m thrilled that Alexandra has been safely reunited with her family in the United States,” Congressman Gaetz said.

I’m grateful to the federal agencies and organizations that worked closely with my office and the Newton family to facilitate her return.

I encourage any of my constituents who may be in similar situations to reach out to my office so we can work on their behalf to bring them safely home to Northwest Florida.


  1. Thank you for doing that. We appreciate your working so hard to bring her home. It broke my heart when I heard she was stuck there and pregnant without her family. We know where to get help if something bad happens to us. Thanks again.


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