Border restrictions between US. And Canada will remain in place until June 21


Pensacola, fl

 The Globe and Mail newspaper said unnecessary travel across the border between Canada and the United States will remain prohibited until June 21 due to the emerging Corona virus epidemic.

On April 18, the two countries agreed to extend the border restrictions 30 days as the number of HIV cases continues to rise, and as leaders discuss the ways and timing for all companies to return to work.

Canada requested an extension of another 30 days, and the Globe and Mail newspaper, citing sources familiar with the bilateral talks, said Washington’s acceptance of the proposal was certain.

US State Department representatives were not available to comment on the report.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that Canada is considering tougher measures to ensure that the virus does not spread through people crossing the long borders between his country and the United States, but he did not provide details.

Despite the restrictions imposed on the northern border of the United States, officials allowed the continued travel for trade.


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