40,000 die due corono in Britain, the worst in Europe


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The death toll from Covid-19 disease in the UK has exceeded 40,000, making it the worst in Europe and raising more questions about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s management of the Corona virus crisis.

He calculates the figures published by the Office of National Statistics for England and Wales. The official number of deaths in the United Kingdom became 38,289 as of May 3.

According to the latest daily data, at least 2,251 patients have died in England’s hospitals, bringing the actual death toll to more than 40,000.

While the varied methods of statistics lead to difficult comparisons with other countries, the number confirmed that Britain is among the countries hardest hit by the pandemic, which has so far killed more than 285 thousand in various parts of the world.

The latest data was released a day after a gradual plan by Johnson to bring Britain back to work, including advice on putting home-made masks, even though his attempt to raise public isolation related to the Corona virus had caused confusion.

The number of deceased in nursing homes is now equivalent to one third of the death toll at Coved-19 in England and Wales.

In a statement, it is a matter of satisfaction that the number of deaths in nursing homes is declining, but sad that it still represents a large proportion of the number of deaths from the Coronavirus and that we are not successful in our work.



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