Corona deaths in U.S exceed 80,000


Pensacola, fl

 A statistic has revealed that the death toll from the Corona virus in the United States has risen to 80,000, while almost all states have taken steps to reduce public isolation measures.

The average daily death toll in the United States has been two thousand since mid-April, despite efforts to slow the outbreak.

The number of HIV infections in the country has reached more than 1.3 million, and the numbers are increasing in particular in the states of Mississippi, Minnesota and Nebraska, which threatens the risk of a new wave of infections.


  1. Well since the Governor opened up the restaurants, bars, retail stores etc. no one bothers to wear masks anymore or even respect social distancing in Pensacola and every day cases are going up and it will until they lay down the law here. I’m elderly and gave asthma and diabetes so I’m at risk. I go out only to doctors, pharmacy and a few groceries and I’m fearful every time I go out. It seems the men just refuse to wear a mask and put the rest of us at risk. I do everything I’m supposed to so if I get Covid it is because so many do not care. Just because we opened up I guess they think all is safe. What do I do?

  2. Thank God for the opening up of the country. So many are losing their homes, cars and have nowhere to go. Their death will occur from starvation. THIS COUNTRY MUST OPEN UP. DEATH IS INHERENT IF THE COUNTRY STAYS SHUT.


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