Low daily toll of corona deaths in New York


Pensacola, fl

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a decrease in the daily death toll from corona virus in his state during the last day.

cuomo said at a press conference that 207 people have died, noting that this number is high, but that it is better than it was earlier and he pointed out that the daily indicators of deaths are currently at the level of March 27th.

According to data provided by Cuomo, 231 people died on May 6, 216 people on May 7 and 226 on May 8, bringing the total deaths in the state to 21,271 cases.

He added that the number of injured people who were transferred to hospitals reached 521 people, while hospitals received more than 3 thousand injured people in the worst days.

It is noteworthy that the state of New York is the main focus of the spread of the Corona virus in the United States, which ranks first in the world in terms of the number of people infected and deaths of corona.



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