NASA and Tom Cruise together in space


Pensacola, fl

Actor Tom Cruise hopes to achieve a cinematic precedent by filming the first movie Adventures in Space in cooperation with the American Space Agency aboard the International Space Station.

No details about the movie were available, but it will not be a new version of the Impossible Adventure series, according to Deadline Magazine.

The report also said that the 57-year-old Cruz is cooperating with Elonmac’s SpaceX, which will transport US astronauts to the International Space Station at the end of this month.

“NASA is looking forward to cooperating with Tom Cruise in filming a movie on the space station, wrote Jim Braidenstein of NASA on social networking site Twitter.

Cruz had played an astronaut in the 2013 Oblivion movie, in which the hero protected the Earth’s natural resources from aliens.

Also, the narrator in the documentary was a space station, and it is not known when the American star will actually travel to the International Space Station.

Despite the Corona epidemic, the SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft will carry astronauts from NASA’s Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley to the International Space Station on May 27 and can accommodate seven people.



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