How to pluck hair with sweetness


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Women are always keen on taking care of their beauty and their general appearance, and there is no doubt that the presence of hair on the body greatly affects a woman’s self-confidence, and detracts from her beauty, so she seeks in every way to find a way that suits her to get rid of excess hair in the body, as the method that suits one of Women may not be suitable for others. It is worth noting that most women prefer removing hair with sweetness, and in this article, we talk about how to pluck hair with sweetness.

The method of removing body hair with sweetness is one of the best ways to resort to it, due to the relatively long period of time, which the hair needs to grow again and begin to appear, and here comes a detailed explanation of how to prepare sweetness at home, and how to use it properly to remove body hair

How to prepare sweetness Sweetness can be prepared at home rather than buying it from the market by following the following steps: Preparing the ingredients necessary for sweetness, namely: a cup of fine sugar, four tablespoons of lemon juice and four tablespoons of water. Mix the ingredients together well, put them in the microwave for no longer than 60 seconds until they dissolve, and smooth together.

Use gas to dissolve the ingredients instead of the microwave, with the need to take care to use a non-stick container, and leave the mixture on very low heat until it melts, and homogenize its components to make it brownish color. How to pluck hair with sweetness: You can pluck body hair using sweetness in easy and simple steps, which are: Wearing appropriate clothes to remove body hair to reveal the areas where you want to remove hair so that the clothes do not stick to sweetness. Begin using sweetness, by applying it to the area you want to remove hair from, and it is worth noting that sweetness can be applied to the body with the fingers of the hands, and wooden sticks can also be used.

Make sure that the sweetness is spread with the direction of hair growth, and keep passing the fingers over it until it sticks well to the body and the hair sticks to it. Tighten the area before removing the sweetness from it, and care must be taken to remove the sweetness against the direction of hair growth, as it can be removed in several stages to reduce pain, or once. Repeat the previous step on the various areas of the body, as can be repeated to extend the sweetness over the same area; to make sure that the hair is completely removed from its roots, and it is worth noting that the size of the sweet piece should be reduced when used in sensitive places to be able to control it and deal with it smoothly.

The skin can be obtained smooth and free from any defects and pores, after removing the body hair with sweetness, by following a set of tips, which is making sure to exfoliate the skin using natural exfoliators free of chemicals such as the scrub of sugar and lemon before removing the body hair. Exposing the body to hot water before removing hair greatly contributes to opening up the body’s pores, thus making hair follicles easier to get out. Moisturizing the body continuously using natural moisturizing creams, which in turn help protect the skin from irritation, and redness when plucking hair with sweetness. Avoid using chemicals on the body after finishing the hair, and just wash it well with lukewarm water, then in cold water to ensure the pores are closed, and wear soft cotton clothing.


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