Aldi to return to normal opening hours

Shoppers starting lining up at 6:15am to be among the first customers.

Pensacola, fl

Aldi said it is returning to normal opening hours from Thursday May 7.

The supermarket group said that standard store opening hours of 9am to 10pm on Monday to Friday and 9am to 9pm on Saturday and Sunday will be reintroduced across its 142 stores around the country.

Its store opening hours had been temporarily shortened to help support staff during heightened demand amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Aldi has also carried out analysis of the busiest and quietest shopping days.

It said that 9am to 11am and after 7pm on a Sunday to Wednesday is generally quieter in stores.

Aldi also noted that trading patterns have started to settle.

While customers are changing their shopping habits, the busiest days of the week for shoppers remain towards the end of the week, from Thursday to Saturday, with peak customer footfall between 12 noon to 6pm.


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