Beach goers rush to the shore as Pensacola Beach reopens


Pensacola, fl

Pensacola Beach is back open after being closed for about a month during the pandemic.

For the past month Pensacola Beach has been empty, but that wasn’t the case

Crowds soaked up the sun and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

We’re Floridians through and through and we can’t do without the salt water, said beachgoer Michael Rogers.

Rogers and his son Aaron were thankful to get the chance to use the beach again.

I just feel so trapped being at home all the time and it’s just great to finally be able to go out and do something other than going to the store for food,” said Aaron Rogers.

Pensacola Beach will be open to the public 30 minutes before sunrise and close 30 minutes after sunset everyday.

Friday signs lined the sand, reminding people to practice social distancing and keep their groups to ten or fewer people.

Lifeguards were also on duty to enforce these rules.

Nick McKnight and Vince Calhoun said they are making sure to follow them.

They drove 14 hours from Ohio to enjoy the Gulf Coast.

We’ve been practicing social distancing. We’ve been staying in our groups,” said McKnight.

Everywhere else you’re just stuck in a house and not having fun. We get to come out to the beach and have fun,” added Calhoun.

Many beach businesses, who were hit hard during this pandemic, are also happening about this reopening.

We lost a lot, you know? We lost spring break,” said Max Murphy, a general manager for Crabs on the Beach.

Murphy said he’s relieved knowing he can now offer more of his employees work as his business picks back up.

I’m feeling little less tense and less stress involved because for a while there was a lot of uncertainty of what the future was gonna hold. Now the future is gonna look a little brighter,” said Murphy.



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