Apple sales rise despite corona virus


Pensacola, fl

Apple has announced sales and profits that exceed Wall Street expectations, as CEO Tim Cook said that China’s sales are heading in the right direction as the country’s economy is reopened after the new Corona virus.

However, Cook said, it is impossible to predict the overall results for the current quarter due to the uncertainty caused by the virus.

In light of its global nature, a limited number of American companies were exposed to the spread of Corona virus, such as Apple, whose iPhone sales decreased in the quarter ending in March, as the company had to sell devices online only in many places.

Sales of services such as TV broadcast content increased as billions of people remained at home. China, where the virus was first discovered, is a big market for Apple, accounting for about a sixth of its sales in general, and it also includes most of the factories contracted with Apple.

And Apple recorded sales in China of 9.46 billion dollars, down less than one billion dollars compared to the same period a year ago, in a possible indication of how the company will perform in the rest of the markets outside the measures of public isolation.

And Apple announced sales of $ 58.3 billion and earnings of $ 2.55 a share in its second fiscal quarter ending in March, which is more than the results a year ago of $ 58 billion and $ 2.46, and exceeds analysts ’expectations of $ 54.5 billion and $ 2.27


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