The Oscar Academy will accept films broadcast on digital platforms


Pensacola, fl

Oscar organizers said that movies released on broadcast or video platforms only on demand while movie theaters were closed due to the Corona pandemic would be eligible to compete for the Academy Awards next year.

This temporary change, which will only apply to Academy Awards, is announced next year and will expire when cinemas are reopened across the country, in a statement issued by the Academy of Film Arts and Sciences.

In the past, films had to be shown in a Los Angeles movie theater for at least seven days to qualify for the Academy Awards.

Academy President David Robin and CEO Don Hudson said the academy firmly believes there is no better way to test the magic of movies than in a theater.

Our commitment to this does not change nor waver, yet the tragic Covid-19 pandemic requires this temporary exception to the rules for qualifying for our awards.

The most prestigious Oscars in the world of cinema will still be held in Hollywood on February 28, 2021.


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