Corona deaths in the United States exceed 60 000


Pensacola, fl

The number of deaths due to the Corona virus in the United States has exceeded 60,000.

The number of corona victims will soon exceed any casualty figures for the seasonal flu in the United States since 1967.

The worst flu season in recent years was in 2017-2018, when the death toll reached more than 61,000 people.

Before that, the United States witnessed three times more deaths due to the epidemic only, during the influenza pandemic in 1967, when 100,000 Americans died, and in 1957 (116 thousand deaths), and during the Spanish flu category in 1918, when the number of victims reached 675 thousand Americans According to the data of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to estimates by the University of Washington, the Corona virus may claim the lives of 73,000 people by August 4, while previous estimates predicted the death of more than 67,600 people.

And US President Donald Trump said 10 days ago that the number of corona victims would be about 60,000 people, noting that this is much less than the estimates that this number would reach close to 100,000.


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