Ammash: Voters should have no choice but Trump and Biden


Pensacola, fl

Michigan lawmaker Justin Ammash ignored political concerns about the decision to run for the US presidential race as a ballooner.

Amash insisted that voters must have a choice in the polls next November to choose a candidate other than President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

Amash stated that there are millions of Americans who are not represented by Donald Trump or Joe Biden, who are not represented by Republicans or Democrats and these millions of Americans deserve a choice in the poll and it is absurd to say, well, we should not allow another candidate to participate in the poll.

“We can always say that the next elections are the right time, or the elections that follow, but the truth is that the system will not change unless people go up one step,” he said.

He stressed that being hostile to a third-party bid for the White House was a form of voter repression

If people want to vote for a person, they must vote for this person. If they do not want to vote for this person, they will not vote for it, but not to fundamentally suppress voters by depriving people of more candidates to vote. It seems really ridiculous, and frankly, anti-American.

Amash, the governor who is serving his fifth term in the House of Representatives, left the Republican party last year for fear of the direction the party took during Trump’s era.


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