Unites states is close to recording one million cases of corona


Pensacola, fl

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States is close to one million, while the expected death toll in an academic model has been closely monitored, even with some states easing restrictions designed to combat the pandemic that is undermining the US economy.

With President Donald Trump’s economic adviser anticipating an unemployment rate of more than 16 percent for April and many Americans angry at home stay orders, about a dozen states are reopening their economies shattered by the restrictions, despite the absence of large-scale screening tests for people with the Corona virus.

Health experts have warned that a premature reversal of social divergence policies aimed at limiting the spread of infection could cause a surge in new infections.

For the first time in a month, Georgia, at the forefront of states reopening the economy, allowed restaurants to serve meals. Texas Governor Greg Lapot said he would allow orders to stay at home to be terminated and begin reopening businesses, including restaurants and retail stores, in stages starting Friday.

Other state governors, including the hard-hit New York, have postponed the reopening of the economy, fearing it could spur a second wave of cases.

The American Chamber of Commerce, the largest operating group to support businesses in the United States, called for the consistency of the performance of the US government, state and regional governments when reopening the economy.

But the chamber warned against any health directives that turn into regulations that could harm businesses as they seek to reopen their doors.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the United States – which is just under a million – has increased to twice in 18 days, and represents one third of all cases worldwide. The actual number of cases in the United States is believed to be greater than the number confirmed. This comes amid public health officials warning that a shortage of trained personnel and supplies reduced the ability to take tests, causing many cases of infection not to be recorded.

More than 56,000 Americans have died of Covid-19 disease caused by the Coronavirus, with an average of 200 deaths a day this month.

The Washington University model, which was frequently reported by White House officials and public health authorities in the United States, revised its forecast for US deaths by increasing to more than 74,000 people by August 4, compared to its previous estimate of 67,000 deaths.



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