The autopsy of Corona’s first death in United States reveals a strange cause of death


Residue autopsies from the first known death from covid-19 in the United States revealed that the death was caused by a heart rupture caused by the virus attack

A 57-year-old woman, Patricia Dawood, from San Jose, California, died at her home on February 6, after she suffered from flu-like symptoms.

death investigation found that she was already infected with the new coronavirus, which means that the American Covid 19 deaths occurred weeks earlier than previously thought.

They initially expected that David’s death was the result of a heart attack but now the autopsy report showed that the virus had spread to the heart muscle, and that the viral infection had torn a valve in her heart, she said.

Dr. Judy Millenic, a forensic specialist who was not involved in the case study of the woman’s immune system, attacked the virus and, in the process, damaged the heart, which caused it to explode.

Millenic added that this type of rupture of the heart occurs more commonly in people, who suffer from high cholesterol levels or deformations in the heart muscle, but David’s condition was very unusual because her heart was of normal size and weight, she said.

And she said there is something abnormal in the fact that a completely normal heart bursts sound hearts not torn apart

David was in good health and exercised regularly before her illness, and previous scientific studies stated that there was a relationship between Covid 19 and the heart. A small study in China found that more than 1 in 5 Corona patients suffered from heart damage as a result of infection.


      • In many states, as in Texas, an unexpected death for someone whose condition is not being monitored by a physician is an automatic reason for an autopsy

        • That’s what I thought too. Not here in sw Ohio. They seem to pick and chose who to autopsy and who to just peg with a diagnosis on, asking family if they were treated for hypertension, etc.

          • I’m in Ohio. If one has been treated long term for an illness or pass in a hospital and treated, usually there is no autopsy. If the symptoms show to be from what they’ve been treated for. BUT, if you pass at home or in public there’s always an autopsy.

  1. Is the person who died of Covid-19 Patricia Dawood or Patricia David, because at the beginning of the story she is referred to by the first name I listed, but after that she is only referred to by “David”, so I got a little confused.

      • All COVID-19 patients who pass away need to have an autopsy. Because they may have not passed away because of the virus but they are being labeled as passing away due to the virus. Yes they had the virus but that doesn’t mean the virus was the reason they passed away.

    • Coincidentally Dawood is Arabic for David.. And Covid 19 reminds me of the AIDS virus.. It’s like Covid 19 doesn’t kill you, but if you have any other ailment it seems to make it worst and thus they can attribute it to Covid 19. Probably why it has similar symptoms to every disease imaginable, from the flu to diabetes, asthma, sinus infection, and now cardiac arrest and heart failure. Covid 19= 5g AIDS

      • I think it’s very important to get a person’s name right! What name did she go by? That’s the one you should be using. Not it’s equivalent to get you out of hot water for messing it up! Apologies to the family are in order!

      • The Genome of the virus is confirmed to have HIV sequences or homology. So you are correct, like HIV, it poisons the blood. I wouldnt be surprised if this womens heart exploded because it couldnt handle her tainted blood. Look up Dr. Paul Cotrell on youtube. He connects the Covid/HIV correlation

    • In articles, a person is generally referred to by their last name, after the full name is given in the beginning of the article. It can be very confusing!!

    • They also said “coffed” instead of “covid.” I think the person may be using a sort of talk-transcribe and have an accent. The name is like David, but the first time they system accidentally transcribed it as Dawood, and the speaker didn’t catch it.

    • You should be confused! The spelling was atrocious! What happen to fact check, spell check and just general respect for the dead to get their name right!

  2. So, this article was supposed to be about a woman named Patricia, who is David? After the intro, it no longer talks about Patricia and talks about David and refers to that person as “she”. This doesn’t seem like a reliable article.

    • In AP style, the first time you mention someone you use their first and last name and every mention after should be last name only. This is one of those cases where it’s confusing because her last name is also a first name. They do have quite a few places where they jump around weird that are questionable what they actually meant too though.

      • It’s the government people! Patricia’s last name is Dawood!!!!!!!!! This is a major screw up and more then likely on purpose! David , my Louie Ass!

  3. I think when they say David’s they mean Patricia Dawood’s….. the David’s maybe happened from an auto correct on her last name n no one caught the mistake. Just my opinion though.
    All in all this covids virus is very wicked. I have a friend that was deathly ill with a lot of the symptoms they mention now in November she’s fine now. She thought it was the flu so who knows but they have said that this virus has been around since November. My friend is 60 n recovered. There’s hope. Stay safe everyone.


    • It can effecf people differently. It may not have been bad for you but it nearly killed me and my 6 year old. We both have preexisting conditions. He has asthma and I have lupus. We both had it in Feb.

      • Hi Brandy! I’m glad to see that you and your son have recovered. I am just curious what kind of symptoms you experienced and how long you experienced them because I also have lupus and I’m 34 years old but I’ve had it since I was 17. I went to hospital back from January 1st but my lungs were surrounded by fluid and 70% collapsed but I’ve never had respiratory problems. I was put in the hospital where did they drained the fluid and then sent me home days later. I spent the next three weeks having fevers at least 5 out of 7 days of the week that were up to 103 with no explanation and tested negative for the flu in the hospital. As they explained to me that the fluids could come back and I might have to have it drained off my lungs again, when I began to feel even worse I went back to the hospital. I then found out I had viral pneumonia which they told me I’d caught in the hospital. They wanted me to read that to the hospital and I said no because I figured if I’d already caught pneumonia there why would I want to put myself at risk for anything else. Anyways all in all it probably took me 6 weeks or more to completely get back to somewhat of a normal self. And I’m quite curious about how it effected you. I am glad we all pulled through though and God bless.

      • Stand your course , remain steadfast love is reflected in love…. God’s love abounds and is there for you .

    • I’m sorry but I have never had a virus that affects my memory. This is a very very bad virus, nothing like we have seen. Please do not down play it

    • You say that because you were lucky to recover. But this is not a normal Virus. If that would be the case it would not have become a PANDEMIC. I am glad u pulled through but we need to create Awareness that this Virus Kills and it spreads very easily.

    • Sorry, your one experience does not make the information general knowledge. Glad it was not harsh on you

    • I agree with you 100%. The statistics for the flu between November and March every year are very close to the statistics for this virus. The only difference is that we weren’t forced to pay attention.

    • I had it I’m sure from Xmas day till March 1St was seen given 3 rounds of antibiotics steroids and have never been so sick I’m 45. Bless you. Now knowing I’m working with Ohio State University on my case and had a ton of blood work xrays and luckily I journaled every day. I thought I was going to die. I’m ok now. And want to help them learn for others. Not to mention covid is not new this is novel 19 we humans are immune to this point. Why I ask but I’ll never get an answer only my personal theories.

    • Naive! This is why we are all quarantined,” no different than any other virus”. Thinking like this is why this virus will never go away! We might of contained it, if we kept ourselves at home, but nobody could!

      • Laura, you are 100% right. If everyone stayed home for 3 weeks, we could have contained this, instead of what….. probably two years before we are out of this mess.

    • This is what I was going to write about. We live in NE and people who were sick in Oct, Nov and Dec figure they had this but since A & B tests were Neg. they were told upper respiratory infection. They need a antibody test that is accessible and affordable. That would tell the whole story of all this shut down and quarantine. This is getting ridiculous.

    • For you it was no different I have two friends that were in a coma aa d one is learning how to talk and walk again barely survived and they were not old or sick it affects everyone differently stay safe

      • That’s because it was lab created : They threw all kinds of bs attached to the virus. Agents to attack circulatory, pneumonia, effecting brain differently through the blood carrying agents.
        Shook it up in a bottle where it settled or didn’t settle equally before they threw it out of a few airplanes as they jetted all over the world. Probably in Oct. The airstreams carrying it wherever. Has effected people differently depending on which parts landed there.
        How does that settle ??? That’s my theory ! I’m sticking to it !!!

  5. I read that the reason it’s called Covid-“19” is because the virus started or was released sometime around Sept of 2019 NOT Jan 2020…..sounds logical to me ?‍♀️!!

      • Wrong. It’s a SARS-COV-2 type of corona virus. COV As in COVid. 2019 is the year it mutated into this strain.

        • Coronavirus has been around for a long time it normally occurs in animals you can look it up the reason they call it covid19 is this is a 19th strain of that virus

        • When you get your information from a ratting driven source , it’s best to verify that information with one that is not. Just saying.

          • Well it is about time! That dems are rude to republicans! I don’t think I know a republican that is not rude. Really strange because it seems they were all hatched from the same egg!!

        • You are incorrect. This is co (corona) v (virus) ID (identity) 19 (strain number). Viruses are not named for the year of discovery. I am a healthcare professional. Political affiliation had absolutely nothing to do with scientific names for viruses.

          • World Health Organization named it Covid-19 for the year. It was previously known as 2019 novel coronavirus. Not too difficult to verify! 2019 not the 19th.

          • Agree with ??. Most have Lysol And Clorox products that have spent ample time under a sink, prior to covid-19. Both lines mention corona virus on label prior to 2019.

          • Thanks for bringing the real name of covid 19 to light.we have so many rumors started by people not getting the entire story but bits and pieces and we embellish the rest!

          • It’s called covid19 because (c) China, (o) outbreak, (viral), (I) Infectious, (D) Disease, (19) stands for 19,000,000 people will die before a cure is found.

          • COVID 19 is the unofficial name given for this virus. Originally, when discovered in Wuhan it was a “novel” (previously unidentified) corona virus and it was called 2019-nCov (n=novel, Co=corona, v=virus). After genetic sequencing it was found to be a “cousin” to the corona virus that caused the SARS outbreak in 2004. The name was officially changed to SARS-CoV-2.
            COVID-19 is simpler and helps to avoid confusion.

      • This is from the CDC, (In COVID-19, ‘CO’ stands for ‘corona,’ ‘VI’ for ‘virus,’ and ‘D’ for disease. Formerly, this disease was referred to as “2019 novel coronavirus” or “2019-nCoV”. There are many types of human coronaviruses including some that commonly cause mild upper-respiratory tract illnesses.) 19 is the year!

    • It’s actually novel 19 bc this is the 19 th strain covid has been around forever. We were immune this strain has mutated so fast causing such tragedy

  6. It seems to me that most people could have it over six months or so and still lived with it and did home natural care and seemed to be fine I went on a curse a ship and back sick my husband was sick on the ship and my sister in law came back sick I have treated my husband with three treatment on the ship and it seemed to work I also did the same treatment and it seemed to work my sister in law and nephew had it to but we all lived through it she had Every medicine to treat it from the doctor it cured it .

  7. I seriously have to wonder if she was given or had been taking levaquin or one of its cousins. This is the sort of damage to muscles that it can cause even weeks after taking it.

  8. Karen, I’m fairly certain you did not have this disease- you had the seasonal flu, m’dear. You say the doctor gave you an anti- viral drug and you got better. This WOULD NOT HAPPEN WITH COVID 19. Please be careful what you say. Uninformed ignorant people will think this is the truth and it’s not. It’s VERY different from other viruses – it the Novel (meaning new, never before seen) Corona virus. Please educate yourself on these matters.

    • I had a terrible cold , started a coup of week before the virus hit the news , I never get chest colds or sick , but this was terrible, all of the symptoms, I used mucanex ,?freash lemon juice daily , it seemed to help , but seems as soon as I feel better it’s back in a day ,it’s been two or more months, and I am still not back to normal, I kinda think there is more to all this than is being told !

        • I had an anibody yest last month. Everyone thought I had virus in January and February. It came back negative. After the result I called the place back to see how accurate it was. They told me it’s not FDA approved, and that they will have d sad one that ate soon. I give up. I wouldn’t have wasted my money on this test but waited for a more accurate one.

          • I had experienced the same thing as you♥️. I did have sn FDA antibody trst with 90 percent accuracy. I had toe issues, rashes, abdominal cramping, diareah, the coughing lasted three months, loss of smell briefly, sinus pain through the roof for a day, chest pain, crazy pains. I tested negative fir flu and URI. Xrays were also negative. Went to ER screaming in pain. Endoscopy and Colonoscopy negative. Ultrasound negative. Something is going around and it is not the frickin flu. I firmly believe they released a bioweapon on ius. Kids are getting this too now and they call it something else.

  9. I was very ill with something on February 29th. I went to the ER. They tested me for the flu negative. They ended up giving me a breathing treatment and admitted me overnight they said for observation. Still not sure what this was but I believe it was vivid 19. My husband was sick with the same thing 2 or 3 days prior and also tested negative for the flu. But no one was testing for Covid in our town unless you had traced or was around someone who had so I don’t believe either of us were tested. How
    Would we find out?

    • Brenda the only way to know now if you previously had the virus is to be tested for the antibodies.

      If your blood has the antibodies then yes you had the covid19.

        • How can you be so hateful and why do you pick on the ones THAT PROVED how much EVIL THATS IN THE HOUSE AND THE DEMS IN THE HOUSE JUST LOVE CHINA TO HEAR THEM TELL IT

          • When will people figure out this has nothing to do with politics. Doesn’t matter what your political views are, as both sides are getting sick. If everyone would put the politics aside maybe we could get thru this better!!

    • You can be tested for the antibodies. It remains for up to 18 months. My church had 22 members sick in 1 week, which lasted a few weeks. The young man we think brought it to our church (our musician) took the (antibodies) test we’re awaiting the results. Most of the 22 tested negative for the flu. They described real agony. 2nd week in February.

      • If everyone reacts differently from the virus, (60% having no symptoms at all) then how do you know it was the musician that brought it? What will happen to the musician after the test results? I’m just curious.

      • I’m working with Ohio state was sick Xmas day till March. Never tested for virus but positive for antibodies. I journaled daily as I thought at 45 I was going to die. Thank god holistic regimen only thing that got me feeling better 3 rounds of antibiotics steroids nothing did a thing. Then I consulted a friend in India I’m in the US he gave me a mix and drank that tea 2xs a day.

      • I never heard 18 months. Here in South Florida they are announcing on the radio station that if you had Covid 19 and recovered, and if it’s within ONE month since you recovered, they would like you to donate antibodies. It says on the ad that the antibodies weaken after a month. Where did u hear 18 months?

    • Eventually people are going to be able to take a test that will show whether or not they have had a COVID-19 based on the antibodies in their system.

  10. This is very Educational because everyone body reacts different because whom the person that you got it you get their cov-19 in your then then it mutate changes then you

  11. Your body is fighting with a Cov-19 trying to get rid of it and it is fighting back because it needs a host for it to live if it don’t get a new body then it dies that’s why they want us to mask up Please save yourself & Family’s.

    • Those who want to wear masks because it makes them feel safer should not criticize those who don’t .. if you feel the mask is protective then you won’t get the virus from someone not masked. Same goes for the vaccine if there ever is one .. take it if you want but if others don’t want to take it they should not be ostracized.

      • The mask won’t provide much protection unless it has a filter in it. The mask is to prevent you from passing the virus to others when you talk,laugh or cough or sneeze. You can shed virus that way even if you haven’t got symptoms.
        We keep others safe that way and they keep us safe from any virus they may have.

        • Exactly. People who don’t wear mask are usually people who get out and get exposed. Then, becouse they are selfish they go around spreading the virus everywhere. The mask and gloves don’t work 100% but it does reduce the chances. If everyone would wear mask that would reduce the spread even more.

        • No, she said that if we wear masks we keep other safe as well as us. Sounds like she’s thinking about everybody.

        • I wear a mask. But some doctors are saying that they can cause more harm than good. That people need to be exposed to viruses and bacteria so there system hopefully gets stronger and produces antibodies to strengthen their immune system.

      • You have to do this for other people please realize this….when you choose tovget sick you could infect quiet a few unwilling people as well….ones who are trying thete best to be socially responsible. You are not alone in this world. Start looking at people as mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters. You have no idea if today is the day you get sick and infect SOMEONE ELSES loved one.

      • Of course you get it from those not wearing masks. Wearing a mask doesn’t protect the wearer at all. It’s respecting all the other people. Those that don’t wear masks obviously don’t care about anyone except themselves.

        • Look at it this way…. you are naked & so am I. You pee on me… I get soaked. I wear jeans, you pee on me, I get wet, but not soaked. We both have jeans on, you pee & I don’t get wet. That’s a simple analogy of why you wear the mask that anyone can understand.

      • WAKE UP! We don’t wear masks to protect ourselves, but to protect YOU & any others we are in contact with. How did you miss that news??
        So we would like the same concern towards us by you wearing a mask, please.

        • I am so glad that name explanation. Just everything else people ten to look for what is wrongbin their opinion and not have the correct information. The issue is not her name but with the results as stated.

  12. This from the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV) website: “The disease name (which in many cases is different from the virus name) has been designated as COVID-19 by the WHO. The ’19’ in COVID-19 stands for the year, 2019, that the virus was first seen. The number ’19’ has nothing whatsoever to do with virus strains”.  Sorce:

  13. Think about it. All the virus comes from someone’s mouth. So, if we could effectively cover all mouths, we could eliminate the spread of the virus.


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