New York recorded the lowest number of hospital admissions due to Corona in a month


Pensacola, fl

New York Governor Andrew Como said the number of people hospitalized in the state due to the new Corona virus had fallen to less than 1,000, its lowest daily level in more than a month, which is the latest sign that the crisis is receding in the most affected US state.

Como, who has exchanged criticism with US President Donald Trump over responsibility for the crisis, also appeared to criticize federal agencies, the intelligence community and the press when he said the primary responsibility lay not with the states.

Como asked, where was everyone referring to the first reaction after revealing that China was facing a deadly virus that could reach the United States? “State governors do not create global epidemics,” said Como.

The New York Gov. added that the average number of registered hospitalists over three days because of Covid-19, the disease caused by the emerging coronavirus, had fallen to less than 1,000, the lowest since March 24.


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