In New York Doctor commits suicide due covid-19


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A prominent doctor committed suicide in New York City, who was working in the front rows of the country’s war to fight an outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Police said Dr. Lorna Bryn, who was working as director of the emergency department at the New York-Residentian Allen Hospital in Manhattan, died of injuries she had sustained.

“She was trying to do her job and she died, doctor Philip Brain, the doctor’s 49-year-old father, told the New York Times.

Brian said that his daughter had had no previous experience of any mental illness, and she died in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she was staying with her family.

He added that Lorna Brain had been infected with the Corona virus while working and returned to work after about a week and a half of recovering.

He said that the hospital brought her back to her home again, before her family “interfered” and brought her to Charlottesville.

He added that his daughter, in their last conversation, seemed isolated and told him how patients died of Coronavirus (Covid 19) before they were even transferred from ambulances.

Dozens of patients surrendered to the Coronavirus in a 200-bed hospital in Manhattan.

Her father was really in the trenches, she was in the front rows she is definitely a heroine, and she said she was a victim like everyone else had died.

Doctor Lorna Brien was very close to her family, and she loved skiing and also enjoying salsa dancing. She also volunteered to work once a week at an elderly home.

The New York Hospital Clinical Allen said that heroine doctor Brin carried the highest ideals of medicine to the difficult front rows of the emergency department.

The Charlottesville Police Department also described Doctor Brian as a heroine and the Police Department said that after a call to seek help on April 26, Brian was taken to a local hospital for treatment where she later injured herself.

Police chief Rachal Brackney said that front-row health care doctors and first responders do not have immunity from mental or physical effects due to the current epidemic.

These specialists work daily under the most stressful conditions on the nerves and the Corona virus may cause additional stress,” she added.

The state of New York recorded nearly a third of confirmed cases of coronavirus in the country, which number about one million, and New York alone recorded 17,500 deaths out of a total of 56 thousand cases caused by infection with corona virus.

New York Governor Andrew Como said that random antibody tests indicated that a quarter of New York City / 24.7 percent / the most populous American city with a population of 8.3 million were infected with the Coruna virus.


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