Partially back in New York, May 15


Pensacola, fl

New York State Governor Andrew Como suggested that some industrial activities and construction workshops in the state would resume in the second half of May.

Como pointed out that this will be in a first stage in the north of the state and not in New York City, adding that it will be more complicated in southern New York, where the economic capital of the country.

The resumption of some industrial and construction activities marks the first stage in the state’s economic restart plan, to be implemented from mid-May.

It is expected to move to the second stage at least two weeks later, which includes the resumption of commercial activities to ensure that there is no mutation in infection.

Como added that it is not possible to approve the resumption of economic activity on a large scale except with the resumption of school activity, so that the parents of students can go to work.

Kuomo pointed out that the death toll from Corona in New York increased by 367 to reach 16,966, with the exception of 5,000 suspected deaths from the virus.

New York is the largest outpost of the Corona Virus pandemic in the United States, which is the first country in the world in terms of the number of infection cases with 965 thousand cases, as well as the first in terms of the death toll from the disease with 5,4783 cases.


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